Executive Officers & Stewards - EGD Unit

Each of the Unifor Local 975 Units is governed by its own Executive Board, as elected by the Unit's entire membership.   Members are represented in the workplace by "Stewards" who are elected by the members of each area or work location.  The term of office for both the Executive Board Officers and Stewards is 3 years.

EGD Unit Executive Board Officers

The EGD Executive Board is voted in by the union members of the EGD Unit.  All EGD members are entitled to run for any of the positions on the Board and the term is 3 years.  The next election of the EGD Unit Executive Board will be held in 2022.


Doug Carter | Unit Chair

Mark Mullan | Vice Chair & Chief Steward (Ottawa Region)

Lynn Knowlton | Recording Secretary & Chief Steward (GTA / Clerical)

Angelo Cigna | Chief Steward (Kelfield / TOC / Station B)

Marjorie Harling | Chief Steward ( Kennedy / Peterborough / Oshawa)

Peter Pirillo | Chief Steward (Niagara / Barrie / Brampton)

Julie LaForge | Member-At-Large

DOWNLOAD a copy of the CURRENT EGD Officers & Stewards List here

EGD Officers & Stewards List_Jan.31.2022.pdf

EGD Unit Stewards

Union Stewards represent union members, departments, shifts, and work sites. They monitor Collective-Bargaining Agreements (CBAs), advise members on contract provisions, confront employers over safety issues, and represent members in grievance proceedings.

A Steward's job is important and exciting. They protect jobs and the welfare of fellow employees and use their leadership skills to build the union.

If you have a question or concern regarding your workplace, please contact the Union Steward in your workplace area.

EGD Stewards List (Current)

EGD Officers & Stewards List_Jan.31.2022.pdf

DOWNLOAD the current list of EGD Unit Stewards here

Unifor Women's Advocate

What is a Women’s Advocate?

A Women’s Advocate is a specially trained workplace representative who can assist with matters such as domestic violence and abuse at home, or workplace harassment.  Women may need assistance in finding out about specialized resources available through the company (Employee Family Assistance Program) and in the community (Counselors, Women’s Shelters) to help assist them in dealing with these and other issues.

WOMEN'S ADVOCATE_Poster.April_.2019.pdf
Lynn Knowlton 416 • 931 • 1856